Two engineering students stumble upon a mathematical formula for attracting women. 

Starring Brandon Baker, Mike Schminke, Sasha Jackson, Reginald VelJohnson, Katie Goebel, Tyler Thirnbeck, Ben Kass, and Matt Sheridan. Cinematography – Mike Kieler. Written by Joe Clarke, Directed by Joe Clarke and Thomas Beecher. Executive Producer, Ravi Patel. Produced by Tim Nash and Brandon Baker.

"The Wedge

A pizza guy gets mixed up in a casino heist on the Fourth of July. 

Starring Mike Schminke, Isai River Blas, Becca Anderson, Erick Tjarks, Jamie Schiller, Steven Hullana, Tom Beecher, Joe Sciorrotta, and Dominic Alvis. Written and Directed by Joe Clarke. Produced by Tim Nash. Director of Photography — Paul Beckman.

"Kung Fu Graffiti"

A mischievous teenager is sent to train with an ex-marine in 1960's Iowa, while a mysterious warrior pursues him in search of a powerful scroll. 

Starring Steven Hullana, Randy Miller, Hai Tran, Erick Tjarks, Becca Anderson, John Lee, Tatsuo Ichikawa, Joey Chanlin, and Isai Riviera Blas. Written and Directed by Joe Clarke. Produced by Tim Nash, Steve Merit, and Joe Clarke