Blendered was a TV show that my friend Patrick Bottaro and I produced with Student Video Productions during our time at the University of Iowa.  Even though we were in college, some of the episodes still hold up decently well. We had a blast making these. 

Season 3 Ep. 6: 'Snookered' -  A couple of slacker teens are hustled in a high stakes pool game by a middle aged woman. My last episode of Blendered. The humor is pretty lame, and it's definitely one of the weaker entries in the series, but it features a lot of cameos from actors in previous episodes that make for a solid closure. 

Season 3 Ep. 5: 'Night of the Killer Hobo' - Three college roommates are stalked by a homeless guy they thought they killed during a drunken night.  Pat's grand finale episode. A forty-minute epic 80's slasher spoof. The three leads have great chemistry.

Season 3 Ep. 4: 'Above the Badge' - After being kicked off the force, two cops reunite years later to solve the case. Our homage to 80's cop flicks, this featured a great performance by legendary Hawkeye Randy Miller. This one took about two months to film, and has some notorious stories behind it. 

Season 3 Ep. 3 'Taco Ritchie's' - The world's biggest party animal reunites with his long lost father. This was Tyler Thirnbeck's time to shine, and is also my first collaboration with Randy Miller. The first half works really well, and has a lot of genuine laughs from Tyler. The second half loses steam quickly, and becomes increasingly cliche, but the two of them still work well together. 

Season 3 Ep. 2: 'Cult of the Damned' - A newlywed's car breaks down in a deserted town, and a mysterious cult is discovered after the wife is kidnapped.  This is another one of Pat's babies. He is the master of After Effects, and this is a prime example. Watch out for Alex's hug at the end. 

Season 3 Ep. 1: 'Hitmom ;- An assassin turned housewife is forced to come out of retirement after an old client seeks revenge. This one is all over the map in terms of quality, but there are enough solid moments to warrant a viewing. My mom gives a helluva performance, and I don't think she looked at the script more than once. 

Season 2 Ep. 6: 'Karate High' - After being bullied in his first week of high school, Mike turns to a martial arts expert to fight back.
My last starring role, and you can see why (clearly chewing gum in the final fight scene). The rest of the cast is great, and it's an entertaining tribute to The Karate Kid. 

Season 2 Ep. 5:  'A Time for War II' - After getting out of prison, Stokely Turner tries to clean up a city overrun by criminals and dirty politicians.  This was the most ambitious film I made in college. It has a large cast and some big scale action scenes. It doesn't hold up very well, but it's a fun movie that is filled with a bunch of good friends. Look out for a cameo from Green Bay Packer's D-lineman Mike Daniels.

Season 2 Ep. 4: 'Runner' - Needing money for a scholarship, a college student overcomes average odds to beat the rival sprinter on campus.  I wasn't involved in this production, but Alex Solsma's wig and Derrick Vandermillan's performance is worth the price of admission alone. 

Season 2 Ep. 3: 'Murder University' - A mental patient escapes the psych ward and wrecks havoc on the local university. 
This was the last collaboration between Pat and I, before we started splitting episodes. This is the censored version, as the uncut edit was deemed impossible to air on UITV.
Season 2 Ep. 2: 'The Hulk 2' - Big budget sequel to the Eric Bana flick.
Filmed in about three hours in the SVP's original studio, this was our first episode that we filmed in HD. Needless to say, we were all pooping our pants over this. It still holds up as one of my favorite episodes.