Backrow Studios

Feature films

Backrow Studios is a fully fledged production company founded in 2010. With offices in LA and Iowa, Backrow has produced six feature films, music videos, short documentaries, commercial freelance projects, and a number of freelance projects with established national brands. The feature films have been distributed amongst industry platforms including Netflix, Redbox, DirecTV, Xbox, Amazon, iTunes, and over fifteen countries. 

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An unflinching look into the life of attorney Vernon Jackson, and the controversial youth organization BPM he started in inner city Jacksonville. 

Genre - Documentary

Release - 2018

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Six friends reunite for a bachelor party. After a night of hard partying, the group encounters a mysterious one-legged man, and are forced to confront their deepest fears in the face of insanity.  

Genre - Psychological Thriller

Release - 2018


Up on the Wooftop

Toby is a smaller than average dog who dreams of leading Santa's sleigh. After sneaking on to his sleigh one night, he's accidentally left behind and finds himself joining forces with two kids to find his way back to the North Pole.

Genre - Kids, Holiday

Release - 2015